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Teenagers drinking less alcohol today than a decade ago, but bullying still a prominent issue.


A major study on youth well being was carried out over the course of 16 years across North America and Europe.

The study, put in place by the World Health Organization uncovers new information on the activities and happiness of those between the ages of 11 to 15, through out 40 countries.

Overall, the youth of today are healthier and happier than their counterparts a decade ago.

The study states that less young people are drinking alcohol weekly and these young people find themselves as being healthier. The young people in question are said to have a better relationship with their parents.

But the results, published by the European Journal of Public Health uncovered unsettling information on the issue of bullying.

Researchers found that there has been no decrease in bullying in the last decade and that students are feeling increasing pressure in relation to their education. Also discovered was that children from poor families experiencing health problems is on the increase.

Ireland’s principal investigator into this issue Dr Saoirse NicGabhainn of NUI Galway states that this may be due to the circumstances in the lives of these young people.

She states “Of real concern must now be the increases in social inequalities in Ireland, where children from poorer homes are more likely to report ill health, and the gap between rich and poor has increased over time”

A more detailed insight into the findings of this study can be sourced in the European Journal of Public Health.

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