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Ten wacky laws from around the world


Last summer drastic measures were proposed by a Galway councillor in response to a dog fouling issue in the area.

Labour Councillor Niall McNeilis brought attention to the legislation in a Spanish town that enforced a return to sender policy. The policy involved twenty volunteers in the area who spied on potential culprits and later returned the dog foul to the dog owners via post. The law allegedly saw a 70% decrease in dog fouling incidences. Furthermore preventive measures in another town involved chasing any responsible parties with a remote control car carrying the droppings and a sign saying ‘Don’t leave me – pick me up’.

Of course, this law did not come into practice in Galway, it was only suggested as an example of an imaginative preventive measure.

However it did make me wonder, what other wacky laws are currently in practice around the world? While we know that many laws are not orchestrated and are merely a reminisce of olden times. It was only in 2006 that irish legislation was abandoned that made it illegal to practice witch craft. What bizarre laws are currently in effect around the world?

1)In 2013, a law was passed in China that made it illegal to not visit your parents regularly. The law was created in response to issues in the region where elderly people were not being looked after sufficiently . A fine may be issued to anyone who does not visit their parents regularly enough. 

2)If a man in india is in debt, he can offer up his wife as repayment until the debt is repaid. This law still poses a major issues for farmers wives in rural India.

3) Samoa must have the most thoughtful husbands when it comes to special occasions and birthdays in particular. Only because it is illegal to forget your wives birthday however in the east pacific country.

 4)In Utah you are allowed to marry your cousin after the age of 65, because apparently your judgement is impaired at that stage. 

 5)In Arkansas a man can beat his wife. Only once a month however. 

 6)In Hong-Kong a woman is entitled to murder his husband if she catches him in the act of cheating. The only catch is that she must do so with her bare hands. 

 7)In Colorado, it is illegal for farmers to collect rain water. The law has also been enforced in Washington and in Utah, all because apparently, ‘the water belongs to some one else’. 

 8)It is illegal to honk your horn in New York, the penalty is a fine of $350. 

 9)As a heads up for all the workers emigrating to Dubai.  Extramarital sex is illegal in Dubai and it could result in a hefty prison sentence of over a year. 

 10) An even more recent and controversial bill was passed in Russia last summer. The bill will criminalize the propaganda of homosexual material. Other recent controversy was sparked at the Sochi Winter olympics where Putin stated that Gay athletes had to keep away from children for child protection. 



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