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Thailand double murder carried out by at least two attackers

Police in Thailand are now certain that more than one person took part in the brutal murder of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge, and that a second murder weapon was involved.

Post-mortem results revealed that Ms Witheridge, 23, from Great Yarmouth, died from head wounds inflicted with a bladed weapon, likely to be a garden hoe found nearby her body, and that Mr Miller died from severe blunt trauma to the head and drowning. Police are searching for the blunt object used in the attack.

Investigators have matched DNA samples from a cigarette butt found nearby Ms. Witheridge’s body to human fluids found on her body. It was determined that more than one person had smoked that cigarette. Furthermore, this cigarette belongs to a little known brand mainly smoked by migrant workers, which has helped to narrow down the search for the killers.

This horrific crime has badly tarnished Thailand’s reputation and affected its status as a popular tourist destination.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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