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The number of Social Network users has fallen


According to a recent report the number of Facebook and Twitter users in Ireland have fallen slightly during the last quarter, the percentage of Twitter users who check their accounts daily also fell by 1% to 37%.

The data was complied by IPSOS MRBI’s Social Networking quarterly. However the data found that the proportion of Facebook users who log onto the social network each day increased by 1% during the period August to November. It is also understood that Google+ lost 3% of its account holders within the last period, with figures suggesting that just 22% of those that do use the service accessed their profile every 24 hours.

Meanwhile the percentage of LinkedIn users who logged in  stayed static during the period at 24%, though the professional social network saw the proportion of those who log in on a daily basis rise by 3% to 15%. Data also suggests that Instagram remains the social network with the second highest proportion of Irish users logging on daily, though only 18% of people here say they have an account with the photo storage and sharing service.

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