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The Reform Alliance Conference


These days, many people won’t enter the Irish political arena quite simply because they’re too honest and hold principles firm. That may sound facetious but in actuality it’s the truth. More and more people are getting turned off what should be a much sought after profession because of the corruption, self-centred partisanship and parasitical selfless attitudes.

This coming Saturday, January 25th, the newly congregated Reform Alliance will hold its first conference in the R.D.S. from 10am until 4:30pm.

The event is dubbed “A National Conversation on Ireland’s future” and it will house some well known political, economic and business names.

Lucinda Creighton is the virtual (albeit undeclared) leader of the pack. Along with most of the Reform Alliance, Creighton stood tall when challenged by her some-would-say predecessor, Enda Kenny, on the abortion bill last year. She didn’t bow to the pressure of the biggest political party in the state, nor did she place her promising career before her beliefs – an admirable trait in any profession.

Along with the Dublin South East TD, there’s Terence Flanagan, Fidelma Healy Eames, Paul Bradford, Peter Matthews, Denis Naughten and Billy Timmins.

Registration is required and can be filled in on their website:

Who knows whether the Reform Alliance will actually become a new political party, but either way, we should all hope that innovative, honest, selfish minds go on Saturday and find the initiative needed to fill the void of so many left wondering and desperate for real political change.

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