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Thinking of inking? Better think again – recruitment consultant says “tattoos lose job interviews”


A recent survey carried out by a group of social studies students in UCLA found that 61 percent of HR managers said that tattoos could have a very negative impact on their decision whether to hire someone. Why? Because the people who own the business or company are more than likely in their 50s and want a “clean cut” image representing their brand.

Recruiter Marty O’Boyle claims:
“You may think that a hiring policy against body art is discriminatory but it’s not. Companies have the right to have a dress code and that dress code may exclude tattoos. Also, contrary to what many young people in particular may think, employers look down on tattoos and deem them inappropriate for the workplace. They will, if ever, give them as the reason to not getting a job, but recruiters hear it back all the time”.

“There are exceptions, of course. Older people in creative fields like design, theatre, advertising, computer app development and any other artistic endeavor tend to be much more sympathetic. They may even have a tattoo or two of their own. And hiring managers are sometimes more willing to hire someone with a tattoo if it is small, tasteful and not located in a spot that would make some people cringe. They are also less reactive to body art in jobs where there is minimal to no interface with the public.”, he said.

Marty continued with:
“If you don’t have a tattoo, consider whether the risk to your career potential is really worth it. Tattoos lost job interviews. If you’re thinking about work in a suit & tie type profession, you may be significantly limiting your chances in getting a job. I’d advise anyone to really think before ink”.

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