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Ticketmaster not handing out “Garth Brooks” refunds until Thursday


Garth Brooks fans hoping to receive their money back will have to wait until Thursday at the earliest. Ticketmaster has released a statement in which they said the won’t start paying out refunds until said date.

The country’s largest booking agent has said that they are allowing more time for negotiations to find a solution to the debacle.

A spokesperson for the company has said: “Ticketmaster understands that negotiations to try and find a resolution to the Garth Brooks concerts situation are still ongoing. “As a result, [we] will be delaying commencement of the refunds process until Thursday, July 17. We would ask fans to continue to be patient and to hold onto their tickets for now.”

Alan Kelly, the new Minister for the Environment, is understood to have held concert talks with Dublin City Manager throughout the weekend.

Minister Kelly has since made a statement this evening in which he said emergency legislation to allow all five gigs go ahead at Croke Park later this month would “make an already bad situation worse” and he “will not be going down this road”.

Mr Kelly also added that he’s legally prohibited from interfering in “any individual decision made by a planning authority”. Mr Kelly claims we have many other issues to concentrate on as a country and a line needs to be drawn under the controversy over the next 48 hours.

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