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Tommy Robinson, who helped expose scale of Muslim child rape gangs in England, has been freed from prison

Journalist and activist Tommy Robinson has been released from prison after nine weeks in the maximum-security prison HMP Belmarsh.

Robinson was found in contempt of court for a second time for filming outside a Leeds Crown Court in May 2018 when 10 men belonging a Muslim child rape gang were being tried.

After being jailed immediately Robinson spent three months in prison before the charges were dismissed at the Old Bailey as it was obvious that Robinson was commenting on something that was already public knowledge.

However, after he released a documentary called ‘Panodrama’ that included undercover footage showing the bias of the BBC and its collusion with leftists organisations in an attempt to do a hit piece on him, a Judge at the Old Bailey coincidently decided to once again pursue the dropped charges against Robinson.

While he was in prison Robinson was kept in solitary confinement and never had any interaction with another prisoner.

Despite this, media outlets in the UK pushed a fake news story claiming that Robinson was punched by a geriatric prisoner because of his arrogant behaviour.

Speaking to his friend and head of the ‘Rebel Media’ Ezra Levant, a Canadian journalist Robinson said

“You’re a part of the propaganda being pushed out. My only message to them is you’re a disgrace and an embarrassment, if this happened in Hong Kong, Russia, China, you’d be up in arms but because I talk about Islam, you’re silent. You are all complicit in the attack on free speech that we are witnessing. You’re all complicit in what’s happening to our country, all the media are.”
Robinson is most well known for bringing the industrial scale of child sexual predation by Muslim gangs who targeted non-Muslim girls from working class backgrounds for rape and sexual exploitation.

His activism brought down the fury of the British and international media as well the British government.

Labour MP for Rotherham, a town where Muslim child raping gangs were allowed to operate for years with impunity, Sarah Champion, has said that up to 1 million English girls are likely to have fallen victim to Muslim rape gangs as of 2016.

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