True life hero's honoured for their brave actions at the National Bravery Awards

True life hero’s honoured for their brave actions at the National Bravery Awards

Three heroic people have been honoured at the National Bravery Awards event in Farmleigh which was held in Dublin recently.

The event which honours those who have willingly put there own lives at risk in order to help others paid tribute to youngsters Luke Foley, Katie McCabe and Róisín Halligan for their heroic actions this past year. Young Luke along with Katie were presented with an award for their brave actions in which they rescued a woman who had had an epileptic fit near the train lines at Bayside DART station.

When accepting the award young Katie told the events of the night in question, the brave young girl spoke of how she and Luke rescued the unwell woman from a potential tragedy. Katie said: “We boosted her up and then we had to put her on her side, ‘cos my sister has Epilepsy so I knew what to do, to put her on her side like. “And after we put her on her side the police and all came and then she came out of her seizure that she was in and then she was just saying that her head was sore and she wouldn’t get into the ambulance or anything, she said she was grand. The heroic youngster added: “But we were just worried that anything else would happen to her that night. It was very scary at the time.”

Meanwhile Róisín Halligan also received an award for her brave actions in which she saved the life of her little cousin when a petrol bomb was disgracefully thrown through the front window of her grandmother’s house. The heroic Róisín , also described the events of the horrific night in which she received severe burns. Brave Róisín told the on looking crowd of the attack, saying: “Closed my eyes and then I opened them back and I ran out and I thrown Lexie to my mam and I ran out and my auntie Linda didn’t hear anything so I ran over and told her.” “And the skin was coming off my toe, from the burn, and I went in and the blood was all over Linda’s floor and then the ambulance came and I was rushed to hospital.”

The ceremony also celebrated the heroic actions of 39 other brave people who put there lives at risk in order to help others in there hour of need.

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