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TV host remains in hot water following backlash over ‘tasteless’ joke wishing that Prince Andrew was dead

Image source: Metro

Project panellist Michael Hing came under fire after he joked he wished Prince Andrew was dead.

The Australian comedian reflected on key events over the past year, including the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, on Tuesday night’s news episode.

But speaking about the late monarch, he joked that his son should be next.

“2022 was so depressing, obviously, the Queen died, but maybe next year will be better and Prince Andrew will die,” he said, reports Metro.

He clearly surprised his co-hosts Kate Langbroek, Hamish Macdonald and Georgie Tunny, who looked shocked and started laughing.

The spectators also audibly groaned, to which Hing laughed and said, “Come on! Are you defending Prince Andrew now?” reports Metro.

Continuing the joke, Langbroek asked if Prince Andrew would be voted Hing’s “Person of the Year” to which he quickly replied “no”.

While his comments drew some laughs in the studio, some viewers at home didn’t take the joke too well.

“Wishing someone dead on live TV is disgusting and disgraceful no matter the reason,” one person wrote on Twitter, reports Metro.

One person called his comments “tasteless,” while others went so far as to call for Hing’s sacking.

Just this week, Hing was announced as one of the new panellists for the show, which has taken a major shake up in recent weeks after three of its hosts abruptly quit.

Hing, who is the presenter of youth radio station Triple J, also hosts the Australian version of Celebrity Letters & Numbers.

It will appear on The Project every Friday and Sunday night from next year.

In announcing the new cast for 2023, executive producer Chris Bendall said Hing is part of a move to bring more humor to the news.

“Comedy is at the centre of what The Project does and given the news has never been more in need of a laugh,” he said, reports Metro.

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