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Ukrainian mother tells Newstalk that Irish government is being too generous to refugees

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A Ukrainian woman speaking to Newstalk’s, The Hard Shoulder, has stated that the Irish government is being too generous to refugees in terms of social welfare.

Khrystyna Vynnyk and her daughter came to Ireland in March after fleeing her hometown of Irpin near Kiev.

Ms Vynnyk has now moved to Poland after living in Carlingford for six months after being unable to find private rental accommodation.

“It was impossible to find a house or an apartment anywhere in Ireland, never mind in Carlingford,” Ms Vynnk told The Hard Shoulder.

“So, I made the decision to move to Wroclaw in Poland. It was much easier to find accommodation here”.

She also says she had no idea about the accommodation crisis before arriving in Ireland in March, “I had no idea about the housing crisis before arriving in Ireland. I came here because my brother lives in Ireland.

“All I cared about before coming here was finding safety; I knew nothing about the housing crisis, or the money refugees would receive from the Government”.

The honest Ukranian mother went on to reveal to Newstalk.

Indeed, it has become common knowledge amongst Ukrainians, both those still remaining in Ukraine and others who are taking refuge across Europe that Ireland has an obscenely generous social welfare programme for asylum seekers.

This coupled, with the fact the government have directed a Herculean effort at both the national and local level to house Ukrainians, while disregarding the hard-pressed Irish taxpayer has resulted in a major draw for many Ukranian refugees and migrants from elsewhere looking to take advantage of our misguided altruism.

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