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Ukrainians are regularly returning to “war-torn” homeland from Ireland for medical treatments and holidays

A BBC report revealed that Ukrainian refugees were returning to their “war-torn” homeland for medical treatments, specifically dental work, rather than languish on NHS waiting lists.

The can report according to sources that Ukrainian refugees in Ireland have also been returning home for medical treatments as well simply for holidays over the past two years.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is almost entirely limited to the eastern region of the country, meaning most of massive nation remains relatively untouched. Ukrainian being roughly nine times the size of Ireland has vast swathes of safe zones as well as safe cities and towns.

Even the capital Kiev, remains a bustling city where live persists as normal and you will find booking a hotel room is cheap and easy online should you wish to visit for a holiday.

Despite this, Ireland along with numerous other countries continues to welcome and accommodate Ukrainian refugees, Ireland attracting a significantly larger amount that most, in terms of capita, due to its outrageously generous welfare system not only for Ukrainian but also for their pets as we now know.

Sources inside aid organisations dealing with the Ukrainian refugee crisis has informed the that they regularly deal with Ukrainians returning home for medical procedures and visits.

Michael McNamara described the revelations the government was at one time spending up to €1 million in taxpayer to accommodate Ukrainian pets as a “piss take”, it’s time for the Irish people to wake up to the fact that the entire Ukrainian refugee scam is a giant piss take and an extremely profitable one for some while they foot the bill.

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