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USC cut proposal causes division among Government ranks


The controversial Universal Social Charge (USC) is causing a major rift within the Coalition Government.

The USC, introduced during the height of the financial crisis as a ‘temporary’ measure has now become a handy cash generator for the Government, to the tune of €4.5bn. In recent weeks, Minister for Finance Michael Noonan announced that the USC will indeed remain in place ‘for the foreseeable future.’

But the USC has turned out to be a double-edged sword for some, particularly for the beleaguered Labour party.

According to a poll commissioned by Labour, the party is staring into the darkened eyes of annihilation at the next general election unless the tax is either removed altogether, or at least drastically cut.

Tánaiste Joan Burton has stated that she made a deal with Enda Kenny after the local elections, by which the USC would be ‘reformed.’

Mr Kenny however, advocates a cut to the top rate of income tax instead.

Support for Labour has receded to a bottom-dweller 6%, and it’s likely to sink even deeper in weeks and months to come as Labour have lost all credibility.

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