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Varadkar compares Israeli thugs attacking Gaza to Vietnam war

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar compared the Israeli attack on Gaza to the Vietnam War, reports Independent.

Mr Varadkar said the death toll in Gaza was “truly shocking” and compared it to violence not seen since the Vietnam War.

“The death toll now is truly shocking, estimated at around 18,000 people and 1.9m people displaced and it’s difficult to know when we last saw military suffering on the scale,” he told the Dáil, reports Independent.

“Perhaps it was the Iraq War. Perhaps it was the war in Syria. Some people suggest not since the Vietnam War, have we seen such violence being inflicted on a civilian population. There must be an immediate sustainable humanitarian ceasefire and the relentless bombings and the killing of innocent civilians must end,” reports Independent.

Meanwhile, the People Before Profit TD has urged other TDs not to attend the Christmas party at the US Ambassador’s residence this evening.

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