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Varadkar: It’s not credible that Dee Forbes was the only person to know Ryan Tubridy got an extra €345,000 payment

The Taoiseach said it was unbelievable that the former CEO of RTÉ was the only person who knew about the misreported payments to Ryan Tubridy.

Leo Varadkar said a day after the broadcaster issued a statement that Dee Forbes was the only executive who knew all the facts that the agency had published incorrect data on star Ryan Tubridy’s salary, reports Breaking News.

Mr Varadkar said many questions remain about the disputed €345,000 in undisclosed payments made to Tubrida between 2017 and 2022.

RTE leadership appears before the Oirechtas parliamentary committee investigating the revelations Wednesday afternoon

Several members of RTE’s board of directors and its senior management will be answering questions during a lengthy meeting of the Media Control Committee.

Further questions will arise on Thursday when RTÉ representatives appear before the Oireachtas Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee.

Addressing the issue in the Dáil parliament on Wednesday, Mr Varadkar said: “While the RTE statement from yesterday shed some light on what has transpired, a lot of questions remain open, so we expect to see a full and open engagement at the Oireachtas committees today and tomorrow. And certainly we do not believe it is credible that the former DG Dee Forbes was the only person with knowledge of these events. Government and the public expect nothing but full and open transparency from RTE executives and board members when they attend committees of these houses today and tomorrow,” reports Breaking News.

“The crucial thing today is the approach that RTE will take. The approach of those representatives of RTE today is as important as what they say. If they’re going to be co-operative, if they want to get everything out on the table, because the transparency and accountability is critical, that will be welcome,” Fianna Fáil senator Malcolm Byrne told RTE Radio One, reports Breaking News.

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