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Why we shouldn’t sell alcohol on Good Friday?

A litany of websites have offered innumerable reasons why Ireland should sell ‘Grandpa’s old cough syrup’ on Good Friday, but not too many voices are being heard to keep the ban in place. Middle class wine lovers are practically screaming from the rooftops that they’ll have to stock up their super trendy Lidl-bought wine cooler with an extra days bottle.

People who are as indifferent to the suffering of Christ as Mohammad to that infamous mountain, are calling for pubs to be open, off-license to sell till the cows come home, and basically any other outlet that has a dodgy till and a stock of pochin.

Penance and mortification are blatantly words of yester-year, but what about respect? What about the people of different faiths who come here and have their faith unquestioned to the nth degree? Maybe these do-gooders who wish to lift the ban are afraid of say, Muslims? What about tradition?

I just think if we do away with all traditions in the name of multi-culturalism, we’re going to be left with a culture of nothingness.

It’s time for the majority of people in Ireland who are Christian, have a strong faith and who do want to respect this ban for the reasons it was imposed, to stand up and be heard. Secular and left-wing agenda’s have been far too vocal and have swayed the on-the-fence voter. TheLiberal.ie will stand up against such disrespect and blatant attempt at bullying.

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