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Young people are allegedly moving from cars and learning to drive for fear of damaging the climate

ESRI’s study indicates that nearly two-thirds (63%) of 16-24 year olds rate using public transportation over car travel as “one of the most impactful pro-environmental behaviours,” reports RTE.

This last statistic is very interesting as it confirms global expectations that fewer and fewer people will choose to own a car in the future. reports that the car-sharing model, for example, has proven to be highly successful and is experiencing “rapid growth.”

“The benefits such as lower age requirements, less restrictions and more flexibility make it more appealing to a wider population than traditional rental cars and play a large role in the growth of the industry. Global market trends suggest that the car sharing industry is currently valued at over 2 billion dollars, and is expected to reach at least 6.5 billion dollars by 2027,”says the website, reports RTE.

According to RTE, The ESRI study also reveals that “around half (51 per cent) of young people report that they primarily travel by public transport or active travel modes, but there is large variation by gender and region. Males are 75 per cent more likely to primarily cycle or walk than females. Those living in urban areas are twice as likely to use public transport or cycle/walk as those in rural areas, as are those living in Dublin versus the rest of the country. These regional differences point towards differences in availability and infrastructure rather than motivation.”

Also this week, a survey showed that 66% of young people weren’t even learning to drive because they couldn’t afford the 12 mandatory driving lessons, which now cost between €500 and €600 in Ireland. And 37% of them said that high insurance costs discouraged them from learning.

When you consider the cost of insurance for young people in Ireland, the cost of buying even a modest second-hand car, the high fuel prices and the general cost of operating a car full-time, there’s no wonder young people don’t flock to buy cars

There is also a clear awareness of the environmental impact of cars.

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