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December 12, 2018

Apple iPhone X and the mysterious ‘Green Line of Death’

The launch of the ultra-expensive iPhone X has come to a rocky start worldwide, after a number of users of the costly device have reported seeing a strange, vertical line appearing on the screen of their new toy after just a few hours of normal usage.

The line, which does not go away once it manifests itself, even after a full reboot, has been reported as appearing close to the edges of the screen. The internet was soon awash with comments of a ‘Green Line of Death.’

The root cause of the problem remains a mystery, but some websites have postulated that it could be an electrical fault that makes the voltage flow incorrectly along a particular line of green subpixels.

Apple has not officially commented on the issue, and any customers affected are encouraged to return their $999-plus device to the point of sale to have it replaced.

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