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December 10, 2018

Disgraceful: Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe has “lost control” on refugee crisis


After the horrific events that happened in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Europe has “lost control” on the refugee crisis.

Germany, a country of some 60 million, has taken in over 1 million refugees, with up to 75% accounted as Arab and North African Muslim men under the age of 50.

On New Year’s Eve, a gang of over 1,000 Arab and North African men “rounded up” a total of 118 women in Cologne’s main City square.

A mass of sexual assaults, robberies and rapes were inflicted on the women. German police trawled CCTV and mobile phone footage to desperately try and salvage some sort of tactics that can identify some of the thugs involved.

Literally one handful of arrests were made as a result. On the night in question, the gang of refugees ran after women and even dragged them off trains as they tried to flee the mayhem.

One German woman said on social media “This is a horrendous way to live, we are terrified to walk down our streets. Europe WAKE UP!”.

German shops selling “stun guns” and pepper spray have said that they are “completely sold out” of the products and people should turn to various websites selling to products for their own safety.

Ireland is due to take in 4,000 undocumented refugees this month and will settle in towns, mostly up and down Leinster.

What do you think about Ireland taking in undocumented refugees?

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