March 26, 2017

Hospital Trolley Crisis Update: Simon Harris wants to replace Irish hospital managers with outside experts 

Health Minister Simon Harris may bring in outside experts to replace Irish hospital managers in an effort to tackle the trolley crisis.
The number of patients lying on trolleys in Irish hospitals reached a record high of 612 on Tuesday and the crisis is increasing. 
Speaking today Mr Harris told The Irish Independent: “You can’t decide that all managers are all the same, and they are all equally good.
“You have to decide what’s good practice and what’s bad practice – measure it and demand more of it. 

“And if more of it means bringing experts, bringing in outsiders, let’s absolutely do that, so let’s have legislation underpinning it.”

Dr Jim McDaid, a GP in Letterkenny, Co Donegal is calling for schools to remain shut to prevent future outbreak of the flu epidemic. 

There have been seven deaths in the past few weeks due to the flu outbreak. 

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