March 26, 2017

Opinion: Friday’s Late Late Show is a prime example as to why someone wouldn’t bother paying their TV licence

Ok then, I’ll say it… Crap with a capital C.

From commerical adverts from Fair City to First Dates Ireland, RTE was shoving this “special” Late Late Show down our throats at every opportunity they could.

What was promised to be the “most debauched and depraved” night on Irish TV – EVER, proved to be a filth-filled, awkward and down right boring two hours.

From host Ryan Tubridy acting like he was 15 about to get his first kiss to Al Porter leaving his usually hilarious material at home.

Porter’s only memorable line was when he was slagging Tubridy for not asking him out:
“You left me waiting too long,” he said. “I would’ve been quicker getting a hospital bed. I was trying to get with you. I always thought we’d be a great celebrity couple.”

It would appear that the participants of the show themselves were egged on to out-do each other.

The culmination of a very awkward and basically stupid Q&A session with James Kavanagh, Bernard O’Shea and Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh left viewers wondering why on earth they wasted two valuable hours of their life watching such utter muck.

One has to question whether they’re getting value for money for their €160 TV licence or for their contribution towards Ryan Tubridy’s €500,000 salary.

The answer quite simply is no.

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