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September 18, 2018

Opinion: Ireland needs an anti-E.U. political party that puts the Irish people first

There’s a time for talk and then there’s a time for action, but our utterly inept government lack badly in both.

When the British people got fed up of being told what to do, think and say, they made their voices heard all over the continent with an emphatic Leave the European Union vote last summer.

They were sick of their open border philosophy, their welcoming of God only knows who into their country and their politically correct useless politicians pushing this hard globalist agenda down their throats.

Does it sound familiar?

Former Prime Minister David Cameron was so sure of a Remain vote that he actually did something democratic – he put it to the people.

The initial reluctant decision was brought to bear by the likes of Nigel Farage who consistently pushed for the UK to control their own destiny for the past 15 years.

Farage was maligned in the British press as racist and xenophobic, but when he got publicity on television, radio and indeed some newspapers who agreed with him, the British people liked what they heard.

No one in their right mind agrees with racism anymore. It’s a ridiculous concept to believe, but the Remain side pushed racist connotations towards the Leave side and ironically it only helped them win even more.

Irish peoples’ safety is worth more than political correctness.

Anyone with common sense needs to realise that we have to know, with absolute certainty, who we are helping when they come from countries where ISIS have known home-grown terrorists, and that has to be done on our terms, not Germany’s.

We need a political party that isn’t afraid of German or French leaders.

Who need a political party that isn’t afraid to tell banks; “You took the risk, you take the hit – not the Irish people!”.

We need a political party that wants sovereignty for Ireland, that wants full control over our own government, laws and judicial system.

There’s a false narrative being thrown around about the disaster of Brexit. That premise is nothing short of  a lie. Britain is going to undermine every other E.U. country, including Ireland, by doing straightforward one-to-one deals with America, Australia and almost definitely central European countries. Ireland and its corporation tax will be quickly left behind.

They’ll do visa travel deals, work visa deals, essentially everything they had in the E.U. except overlords telling them how to do it, wouldn’t that be nice?

Like I said, there’s a time for talk and a time for action – we currently have no politicians in Ireland willing to do what needs to be done to secure Ireland’s future place in the world, but there is an opening for a party to do so.

The time for debate has started – we too, the Irish people, deserve a referendum on our European Union membership and let the people decide who they agree with.

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