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December 16, 2018

Opinion: The ‘old media’ newspapers push a hard line liberal agenda but ironically support the Halawa’s hook, line and sinker

The media and political elite, entirely divorced from reality and the public mood, are still in convulsions of ecstasy over the return of Muslim Brotherhood protest denier, Ibrahim Halawa. However, a few things should be worrying the Irish people about the Halawa’s and what they represent in Ireland.

Recently Sheik Halawa, Ibrahim’s father who runs Irelands largest Mosque at Clonskeagh was in the news for his homophobic remarks, not surprising as homosexuality is a crime in most Muslim countries and even punishable by death in many. Nothing new for Halawa who has even been criticised even by other Islamic clerics in Ireland for his connections to extremists who advocate violence.

Sheik Halawa also happens to run Ireland’s branch of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. This is headed by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi a man who advocates for Islamic conquest of Europe and the subsequently the world and the imposition of strict sharia. By any means necessary, but has suggested recently this can be achieved through demographics rather than just violence.

Al-Qaradawi also just happens to be the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, also an Islamic supremist organization that seeks Muslim conquest of the entire world. They even coined the phrase “Islamophobic” as means of stifling criticism in 1991.

Now when 17-year- old Ibrahim Halawa, darling of Ireland’s liberal elite, went to Egypt to take part in the Muslim Brotherhood protests, he went before the overthrow of President Morsi, but after Al-Qaradawi had called on the faithful to suppress opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood’s implementation of backwards Islamic fanaticism i.e. Sharia.

The Muslim Brotherhood had already committed atrocities against Egypt’s Christian minority and espoused support Islamist terrorist groups before Halawa left Ireland.

So, at the very least Ibrahim Halawa would have been acting with his father’s permission if not under his orders to take up the “cause of Allah” as Ibrahim Halawa himself declared he was doing in the Al-Fetah Mosque, when he went to Egypt.

So, it’s understandable why some feel that the Irish media and politicians are somewhat schizophrenic. On one hand they incessantly push liberal propaganda, particularly in relation to LGBTQIAP+ rights and attack Christianity, then conversely praise Islamists and ignore or suppress any legitimate queries or concerns the Irish people have.

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