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17 Year Old Killed In Shark Attack

White-SharkSeventeen year old boy Jay Muscat, has died after being attacked by a shark in Australia Monday.

The boy was said to be spearfishing with a friend off the coast of Cheynes Beach, Western Australia when he was attacked by what appeared to be a great white shark. The shark is said to be between 13-16 foot long.

Australian officials are said to be looking for the shark, and it is believed to be badly injured after Muscat’s friend, Matt Pullella fired a spear at him through their attack.

The West Australian reported:

“the shark hit me first then attacked Jay”

“The shark turned and came for me, I pushed the speargun down its throat and fired the gun!”

“This is something no one should ever have to see.”

Officials closed the beach in an effort to catch the animal,  stating that If they catch the shark, it will be destroyed.


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