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88-yr-old woman settles case with council over footpath fall for €160,000

The 88-year-old woman settled her High Court lawsuit for €160,000, claiming she was injured after she reportedly slipped and fell on a walkway in Kilkenny City, reports Breaking News.

Four years prior, Sarah Mahoney of Pearse Street, Kilkenny, filed a lawsuit against Kilkenny County Council about the claimed fall.

She said that she stumbled onto a supposedly dangerously cracked and damaged portion of the walkway, which knocked her off balance.

The High Court was informed by her attorney, David Kennedy SC, that Mrs. Mahoney’s position was that on September 19, 2020, in the afternoon, she was strolling close to McDonagh Street, not far from her house, when she reportedly slipped and fell on an alleged damaged portion of walkway, reports Breaking News.

According to him, Mrs. Mahoney suffered facial injuries and arm fractures as she fell forward onto her face and outstretched arm. She also had a nosebleed right away, for which she needed an ambulance to the hospital.

After the fall, Mrs Mahoney’s daughter had to take care of her mother at home for an additional three weeks, according to counsel, after she spent five days in the hospital.

He said that the engineering expert on their side would conclude that the disputed pathway looked to have been damaged by vehicles, reports Breaking News.

Prior to the event, Mrs. Mahoney was an extremely busy woman, but this altered after it, according to Mr. Kennedy.

He informed Mr. Justice Paul Coffey that the Mahoney side would have to fight the case’s liability, pointing out that all of the claims were denied by the court, reports Breaking News.

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