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A third of all smokers “would avoid doctor” if they showed signs of lung cancer.


Reported by the Irish Cancer society, over a third of Irish adults are not going to doctors, even if they are showing at least three signs of lung cancer.

76% adults have reported that they have never spoke to a GP about their symptons.

Symptoms of lung cancer:

* An always present long-term cough
* Feeling more tired than usual and/or unexplained weight loss
* Feeling constantly short of breath or wheezing
* Repeated suffering from chest infections.
* Coughing up blood-stained phlegm (sputum)
* Pain in your chest when coughing/breathing
* Hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing
* Swelling in the face or neck

2,312 people were diagnosed with lung cancer in Ireland in 2012, with this figure increasing.

Lung cancer in women is increasing at a rate of 2% per year however it is decreasing in men at 1% each year.

This report was commissioned by the Irish Cancer society and carried out by Coyne Research, with 1,000 adults being survyed.

Kevin O’Hagan, Cancer Prevention Manager appealed to smokers to see their GPs and warned them of the the late detection of lung cancer.

“Lung cancer can be treated once it is diagnosed at an early stage but unfortunately too many people don’t go to their doctor at a time when it would be most beneficial for them”

This report was also launched to coincide with a campaign titled Society’s Lung Cancer Awareness.

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