Absolutely disgraceful: Online outrage over the emergence that politicians are getting a €5,000 increase in their salaries while OAPs get an increase of €5 – TheLiberal.ie – Our News, Your Views

Absolutely disgraceful: Online outrage over the emergence that politicians are getting a €5,000 increase in their salaries while OAPs get an increase of €5


This week’s budget saw increases and cuts across the board, but without a shadow of a doubt the worst result that people saw was a paltry €5 increase in the Old Age Pension compared to a gargantuan €5,000 increase in TDs wages.

The increase in their wages was reported by The Liberal several months ago when we heard rumblings that it would happen.

The emergence this week that the TD’s were getting an extra €100 per week is met with absolute disgust.

“Congratulations to the sheeple who voted them in, everyone had a chance to challenge these people at their doorstep and at the polls. They have been in charge of Ireland for decades and they have done nothing but pillage the pockets of the working men and women of this country!”, posted Damian Flood on Facebook

“That;s what’s wrong with this country budget this cut that fuck the rest of us sure I could do with a fucking holiday too but these f*cking plebs will line their own pockets while thousands wait for help and people are dying on trolleys makes me sick to.think we elected these assholes . A pack of monkeys would run the country better”, posted Graham O’Mahony on Facebook

“No point in complaining about what TD’s get, you reap what you sew. I guarantee you, if these pricks were politicians in France the people would have shut the country down long before now but being so typically Irish, we prefer to bitch and whine on Facebook”, posted Paul Carroll

“Public services still f*cked, HSE in bits, car insurance companies laughing all the way to the bank, pensioners get a measly fiver and then these pricks award themselves a rise on top of their lavish salaries along with their expenses and pensions. The working class people break their arises to contribute towards their greed and struggle for their own means. Yup that sounds about right with thus country.”, posted Des Coffey on Facebook

“Why are you all on here wingeing you’s voted the cunts back in same old same old typical Irish come on here to moan but wouldnt stand up and fight about it all mouth no show This country sickens my tits the poor Elderly men and women who worked hard all their lives lived thru poverty, hunger, strikes, who built this Country up to be a good Country are now the ones paying for those fat hungry cunts sitting on their arse’s taken their medical cards and giving them a lousy €5 per week on there pensions while we the younger generation let it happen we sit and moan but have no Back bone we let this government do and say whatever they want and we just take it what ever happened to the great Irish Voice im disgusted with this generation of people i can honestly say i am in no way proud to be Irish”, posted Karyn Mercer on Facebook

What’s your thoughts on the TDs €5,000 increase in salary?

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