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Amazon warns customers of bogus email attempting to scam people of their bank accounts

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Online retail giant Amazon has warned users to beware of scammers trying to steal their personal information.

The Express reported that the retailer recently removed thousands of unsafe websites and phone numbers used by scammers after they were reported by Amazon customers, reports The Mirror.

In an email, Amazon said it had removed more than 20,000 phishing websites and 10,000 phone numbers used as “impersonation scams.”

“Phishing” is the method by which criminals use email, text message, or phone call scams to obtain illegal information from users, reports The Mirror.

The goal is often to trick you into visiting a website that will infect your computer with a virus and then steal your banking information.

He added that hundreds of online criminals have been brought to the attention of authorities to crack down on scams.

The retailer has provided several pointers to ensure you don’t fall for these cybercriminals when shopping on Amazon.

Be careful when installing apps or software

Amazon said they will never ask you to install an app or download software to get a refund or get help from customer service, reports The Mirror.

Don’t pay over the phone

Payment information is never requested over the phone. This includes gift cards (or “verification cards” as some scammers call them) for products or services over the phone, reports The Mirror.

Verify orders directly on Amazon

The retailer will not call, text or email you about an order you are not expecting and will ask you to confirm the purchase immediately, reports The Mirror.

View your orders on or via the Amazon Shopping app if you have concerns.

Beware of false prompts

Amazon does not rush to ask you to pay now.

Scammers may try to create a sense of urgency for you to do what they ask.

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