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‘Angry’ Greta Thunberg slammed as being ‘radical’ after the 16-yr-old files lawsuits against a number of countries

Most 16-yr-old girls are studying for their Leaving Cert but not Greta Thunberg. No, that would be far too normal for this young person.

Instead, Thunberg has filed lawsuits against actual countries – sure, what’s unusual about that!? Funded by only God knows who, the aggressive teenager has screamed, shouted and demanded her way to worldwide television even though absolutely no one heard of her just a couple of months ago.

Social media users have very mixed feelings about her and are dubious about whether she’s genuine or just a puppet.

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that climate activist Greta Thunberg, who made an emotional plea for action on climate change at the UN on Monday, is “likely to antagonise societies”.

The French President said that the 16-year-old Swedish activist is “radical” after she, along with other youth activists, filed a lawsuit against his country as well as Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey and the United Nations itself over on the grounds that the countries are violating their rights as children.

Thunberg took to Twitter to accuse the five countries of violating human rights after they failed to cut carbon emissions in line with their commitments under the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement.

President Macron denied his country and Germany were blocking action on Climate Change.

The activists were unable to file a suit against their primary target, the United States, as President Trump withdrew his country from the agreement in 2017. Ironically, the US is one of the few major world economies that has actually reduced its carbon emissions, primary through technological advancement.

Other critics have hit at the activists who they accuse of cynicism, for not taking action against the world’s biggest polluters including China and India.

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