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Archaeologists find the remains of five bodies in College Green


According to reports  archaeologists have found the remains of at least five people under the ground at College Green. The remains were understood to be found by archeologists working for the Rubicon Heritage Services, who are reportedly carrying out digs as part of works for the Railway Procurement Agency on proposed Luas lines.

The first discovery was apparently  made on the 16th July with four more sets of remains found shortly afterwards. Site director Nikolah Gilligan believes that with the number of remains found  indicates that this part of College Green functioned as a cemetery at one time. He also said that: “All bar one of the individuals were positioned in north-south orientated grave cuts. “It is too early to confirm the date of the human remains, though the possibility that they are Viking cannot be discounted, given previously recorded Viking activity in the area.”

A Remains Specialist working for Rubicon Carmelita Troy has carried out a visual assessment of the remains, she confirmed that at least one of the individuals was an adult male, while one of the others was under 18 years at the time of their death.

It is believed that the remains will now be subject to a detailed examination.

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