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Brave Drogheda woman tells her story of how she was left paralysed after bouncy castle accident


In a tragic story a 30 year old Drogheda woman has spoken of how she has had major surgery to deal with a life changing injury she suffered in a bouncy castle. The woman Nicola McDonnell, tragically broke her neck whilst she was bouncing in bouncy castle at a friends Christening party in April 2010.

Nicola’s story has come to light after she and a group of other wheelchair users, have setup the worlds first kettlebell fitness class designed specifically for wheelchair users, the new fitness class was created by personal trainer Kieran McDonnell and has received a postive response from wheelchair users across the country.

Nicola spoke to the Irish Independent about her tragic and life changing accident, Nicola said:”It was at a friend’s Christening and I was showing the kids how to do flips on the bouncy castle. I had been doing it a while and then I landed and I couldn’t get back up. It was a freak accident. “I couldn’t feel my legs or move my upper body. I didn’t really think anything of it. I asked for a hand to take me off the bouncy castle and I kept slipping.”

After the tragic accident Nicola was quickly rushed to hospital where she had to undergo a high risk emergency surgery for a broken neck. Nicola went onto say: “When I woke up the next day, I had had an operation on my neck to put in two rods and a plate to keep my spine in place.”

However a brave Nicola also said that she has not let the the fact that she is confined to a wheelchair get her down saying:”I have a good attitude to life and am positive and like to keep myself busy and spend time with my daughter,” She added: “I began to go to the Irish Wheelchair Association classes in Drogheda to get to know people and to get involved with a new group.”


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