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Brave parents of little Ciarán Tracey who was tragically killed by a drunk driver, give an emotional interview on Claire Byrne Live

The Tracey family have given an emotional television interview last night to talk about the tragic loss of their four-year-old son Ciarán.

The two parents gave an emotional interview on Claire Byrne live on RTE in which they talked about their pain of losing their son who was the victim of car crash when a drunk driver smashed into into the car young Ciarán was a passenger in. The emotional parents have also spoke about how tougher sentences should be Introduced to tackle drink driving after their son’s killer was only sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

The two brave parents Ronan and Gillian Treacy, parents of Ciarán, spoke of how the government needs to introduce stricter sentences to those who drink and drive. The parents have called for harsher penalties after the man who killed their beloved son, Finbarr O’Rourke, was drunk behind the wheel on the tragic night of April 17th 2014 when he reportedly drank between eight and ten pints of cider before crashing into Gillian’s car..

Ronan told the show: “We have to get a fairer way of dealing with drunk drivers,” said Ronan. Whether it be tougher sentences or… I would like to even see it aligned with the UK. I think they’re around 14 years whereas here I think the maximum is 10 years.” Whilst his wife Gillian said: “Anybody that gets into a car with nine pints in them, you know, I’m sorry but they do have the intention of doing harm.” The brave mother also gave an emotional account of the day of the accident that claimed her little Ciarán’ life, saying: “All of a sudden Ciarán went quiet, and as a mother you know that silence is not right.” “It’s the most horrific and harrowing time that any person can go through.”

The distraught parents were nearly brought to tears as a heartbroken Gillian further explained that no family deserved what they went through. “You know, a loved one to be taken from them so brutally by a drunk driver.” Gillian also spoke of the heart wrenching impact statement she made in court last month in which she said: “The last sighting I had of Ciaran was him being carried to the side of the road, with the evening sun beaming through his blonde hair. The next time I saw my little boy, was on a stretcher – dead,” she told the court.” “My whole life was shattered and my heart was broken when my worst nightmare had been confirmed. Early Saturday Ciarán was brought to me on a stretcher. I tried to hold him on my best side with total disbelief, none of this made any sense.”

The brave mother added: ” I spent that night with Ciaran, talking to him and making the most of our final hours together. I spoke to God about Ciaran’s favourite toys, food, colour and all the things that made him unique.”

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