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Brutal terrorist attacks may soon take place on the streets of Ireland, claims top security expert

In the wake of this week’s brutal murder of two innocent Swedish football fans, a leading security expert has warned that terror attacks could soon hit the streets of Ireland, reports The Mirror.

Dr. Tom Cloonan made the claims just days after he was ambushed by a lone gunman during the Brussels attacks.

The former soldier said the atrocities taking place in Israel and Palestine will only lead to more terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists in major European cities, including Dublin.

Speaking to the Irish Sunday Mirror, Dr Cloonan said that despite Ireland being a neutral country, most radicals “see us all as enemies of their Western world”.

Dr Clonan said: “Last weekend I predicted that there would be a resumption of terrorist attacks throughout European capitals and that has happened so you can expect more of the same. It will be exactly the same agenda that drove Islamic State attacks throughout Europe in 2015. We had one summer where hundreds of European citizens were murdered in terror attacks,” reports The Mirror.

“We had attacks on Christmas markets, on train stations, in London and all over Europe and we can expect that trend to reassert itself. So even though Ireland was the first country to recognise the Palestinian Authority as a state in 1980, the fact of the matter is they won’t distinguish between one type of western [nation] and another,” he said, reports The Mirror.

“But also, the guy who was involved in the attack in London – who had an Irish residency and was living in Dublin, Rachid Redouane – was subsequently discovered to have been planning an attack in Ireland. From a security, defence and intelligence point of view we are very vulnerable,” he added, reports The Mirror.

Lastly, he said: “I think the principal threat is that terrorist cells might try to use Ireland as a launch pad for attacks on the UK but I don’t think they would hesitate in carrying out an attack in Dublin or Limerick or Cork if they felt it aligned with their really fundamentalist views of the West. So even though we are neutral, for the fanatics they would still consider the Irish as less than human and their nationality would be of no protection from their homicidal beliefs,” reports The Mirror.

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