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Businesses in Sweden hope to bring in a 6-hour working day


In a bid to keep their workers happy, some businesses in Sweden plan to bring in a standard six-hour working day. The average worker in Ireland completes an 8.5 hour workday and clocks up 39 hours of work a week.

In April 2014, the Swedish government announced that public sector employees would work fewer hours. The main aim was to improve work-life balance and increase productivity. Many businesses have followed suit following the experiment’s success.

Lindus Feldt, CEO of Stockholm-based app developer Filmundus has cut back working hours. “I think the eight-hour work day is not as effective as one would think. To stay focused on a specific work task for eight hours is a huge challenge. My impression now is that it is easier to focus more intensely on the work that needs to be done and you have the stamina to do it and still have energy left when leaving the office.”

Staff at Filmundus appear less fatigued, are more productive and work and work better together since the change according to Feldt.

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