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C’est la vie! Eiffel Tower will reopen today as strike ends

The managers of the landmark declared that an agreement had been reached with unions, allowing the Eiffel Tower in France, which had been shut down for five days due to a strike, to reopen today, reports RTE.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world has seen a slowdown since Monday; this is the second suspension in as many months, as unions protest inadequate investment.

A deal “under which the parties will regularly monitor the company’s business model, investment in works, and revenue through a body that will meet every six months” was announced by SETE, the operator of the tower, and the unions.

Both parties agreed to see an expenditure of about €380 million up to 2031 towards construction and upkeep of the tower, with the goal of balancing its accounts by 2025, according to the statement, reports RTE.

About 100,000 admissions were lost as a result of the strike action, for which SETE apologised to guests.

A shortage of around €120 million was recorded by the Eiffel Tower in 2020 and 2021 during the Covid epidemic, reports RTE.

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