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Climate activists thugs spray Louvre pyramid with orange paint


Climate activists climbed the Louvre pyramid in Paris today and doused it in orange paint, demanding that the French government implement a nationwide plan to insulate buildings, reports RTE.

About a dozen “Derniere Renovation” (Final Renovation) protesters tossed paint-filled balloons at the iconic glass-and-metal structure, while another climbed it and doused it in paint.

In a statement, the group called on the government to allocate €12 billion per year to improve the thermal insulation of French buildings as the National Assembly debates the 2024 budget, reports RTE.

The Derniere reforms said the move could drastically reduce France’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Poorly insulated properties rank fourth among the most polluting sectors of the French economy, after transport, agriculture and industry, according to a parliamentary study published earlier this month.

According to the climate action group, police arrested about a dozen protesters after the Louvre stunt.

Dernier’s reforms gained notoriety in France after several similar campaigns targeting government buildings, cultural sites or highways denouncing government’s “climate inaction,” reports RTE.

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