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#1 American Journalist Murdered – Terrorists from the Islamic state have claimed to have murdered a second American Journalist , Steven Sotloff. Its is alledged in a video they have released of a man being beheaded. Islamic’s have warned a British man is next.

#2 Ashya Reunited With His Parents– The 5 year old suffering with a brain tumour was last night reunited with his parents and all charges were dropped against them. Ashya’s medical notes have been sent to a clinic in Prague where it is believed they will be able to treat him

#3 Decapitation Suicide – Horrific suicide as 51 year old  man  in New York, decapitates himself by tying head to lamp post and driving off.

#4  Iarnród Éireann strike reverted – Strike action has been called off at Iarnród Éireann after both sides in the dispute agreed on a new set of proposals at the Labour Relations Commission.

#5 Gang Victims Brother Homeless – Christopher Moran said he had to flee Dublin with his wife and their special needs son after his brother Stephen “Dougie” Moran was shot dead in Lucan, north of Dublin, in March.

#6 Man Rescues Family from House fire – A man is being treated after saving his family in a house blaze in Whitethorn Garden, Palmerstown at approximately 2am this morning. It is believed 5 people were inside the house when the blaze started.

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