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#1 Exhumation: Young woman’s remains to be exhumed after new evidence comes to light on her case. The young woman died in a Dublin flat in 1994, after a night’s socializing. A forensic examination determined that she had choked to death, no foul play was suspected, and nobody else was sought in connection with the case. However, new evidence came to light last summer in the form a man claiming to have been with this woman on the night she died, and he also further claimed to have strangled her to death. Thus, her remains will be exhumed today and further examined to try and authenticate the man’s claims.

#2 Heavy fog: Severe fog is causing disruption this morning at London City airport. Heathrow and Gatwick are reported to be operating normally. A great deal of southern England is currently covered with a thick blanket of fog, making for hazardous driving and flying conditions. The fog is expected to gradually lift during the morning.

#3 Copper theft: Daring thieves scaled an ESB pylon to steal almost €100k worth of copper wire. The raiders managed to cut high voltage wires, which caused a massive flash reportedly seen throughout the local area. About 200 yards of wire were stolen in the incident.

#4 Michéal Martin: The Fianna Fail leader has said that he’s “preparing to be the next Taoiseach”, and has also ruled out a government coalition with Fine Gael, should his party be successful in the next general election. He rejected claims of former party member Mary Hanafin that Fianna Fail will not be in power after the next election. “She’s not right, I don’t accept her analysis,” Martin said during the party’s think-in conference in Roscommon.

#5 Suicide bombing: A suicide bomber has killed three NATO soldiers near the US embassy in Afghanistan. The nationalities of the deceased have not yet been released.


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