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#1 Scotland referendum: 55% of the country’s electorate have decided this historic vote, and thus Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom. The British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to grant new powers to Scotland’s government, and has also hailed the nation’s decision to keep the union together.

#2 Road death: Motorist killed in early morning collision between car and truck on the Cork-Killarney road. The second driver suffered minor injuries and was treated for shock at the scene. It is understood that the accident happened about 3km outside Macroom.

#3 Florida shooting: Grandfather shoots adult daughter and six of his grandchildren dead at his Florida home. The shooter was named as 51-year-old Don Spirit, resident of Bell, a small town in rural northern Florida. The man then turned the weapon on himself and died at the scene before law enforcement agents arrived. According to sources, the man had a previous criminal record and was released from prison in 2006 for a gun charge.

#4 Euro 2020: The FAI is confident that Ireland will host four games during the Euro 2020 competition. Dublin is one of the cities in the running to host several games in the upcoming Euro 2020. The FAI expects to hear good news on that respect from Switzerland, where the decision is taken, later today.

#5 US ambassador: The United States has finally appointed a new ambassador to Ireland, after the position was vacant for 22 months. Kevin O’Malley, an Irish-American lawyer from St Louis, Missouri, will soon take up residence in the Deerfield Residence in the Phoenix Park.

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