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College students warned to be careful of online scam which steals their bank details


Irish students are being warned to ne extra vigilant regarding their online applications, after it has been discovered that a group of fraudsters are trying to steal the bank details of college students.

It is understood that the shameful group are targeting unsuspecting students by sending them suspicious emails claiming to be from the well known student grants body SUSI. Although the scam can easily be spotted as the suspicious emails are believed to contain a number spelling and grammatical mistakes. The fraudulent email contains an application form with the official SUSI logo which in turn makes worried students believe that their previous application has not been received. It is believed students receive an email with the message saying: “Due to incomplete student information update provided to the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). It further states: “Most Accounts have been suspended due to inaccuracy, and we strictly advice [sic] every student to update their information.”

Meanwhile the official grants body SUSI has released a statement advising students to be careful with what they send online. A spokeswoman for the body said: “It has been brought to our attention that fraudulent email has been received by some people. “Please note that SUSI’s official On-line Student Grant Application System is accessible at and its authenticity can be verified by the presence of a ‘lock’ symbol in your web browser.”

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