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‘Dangerous’ transgender prisoner Barbie Kardashian won’t be allowed mix with female inmates ever

Image source: Mirror

Dangerous inmate Barbie Kardashian is under strict solitary confinement and will not be allowed to mix with the rest of the prison’s female population, reports The Mirror.

Kardashian, 21, was jailed for four and a half years last week for raping, torturing and threatening to kill her mother.

Her imprisonment has now sparked a political debate over whether or not to keep her in a women’s prison, reports The Mirror.

However, sources say that during the debate, Kardashian is kept on a landing completely separate from the general prison population of Limerick Jail, locked up for 21 hours a day – and never mingling with them – and will not be allowed to meet.

However, it has been learned that Kardashian, who is a legally recognized woman, has been scaring off some prison officers, after allegedly making threats behind bars, reports The Mirror.

Meanwhile, in a statement to this document, the Irish Prison Service confirmed it was currently re-evaluating how transgender prisoners are treated and preparing a report on the matter.

And prison bosses are understood to be considering a number of new options, including housing some transgender women in the male prison population. The new policy is expected to be finalized in the coming months.

Sources have confirmed verbatim that Kardashian is on a landing at Limerick prison that is completely separate from the rest of the female inmate population – but she shares this landing with another transgender inmate and two child killers – who have never been arrested.

Sources say prison bosses have also been tirelessly assessing the security risk — and it is understood that the Kardashians are separated from the general population by four locked doors and several staff members who are on duty at all times.

However, a source said no matter where Kardashian is, she will always present a problem, reports The Mirror.

Kardashian is a legally recognized female and she cannot be brought into a male facility.

The court heard from Gardai, who said he had “grave concerns” about Ms Kardashian’s “motivation to carry out the threats”, reports The Mirror.

The court heard that her original name was Gabriel Alejandro Gentile, and later changed her name to Barbie Kardashian.

Five psychiatrists evaluated Kardashian and her file “and all five psychiatrist believe the cause presents a real danger of carrying out her fantasies,” judge O’Donnell said, reports The Mirror.

Judge O’Donnell said: “There is no doubt that the reports of the probation officer show a continuing, high-level of venom towards her mother,” reports The Mirror.

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