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Disgraceful: Antifa terrorism leaves journalist with brain haemorrhage in U.S

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The aftermath of the political violence that struck the city of Portland, Oregon in the U.S on Saturday has continued to reverberate with some major news outlets being accused of playing down the scale of disturbances to cover for the violent, alt-left hate group “Antifa”.

The group attacked a conservative rally in downtown Portland on Saturday afternoon.

Anti-fascist action or Antifa is a decentralised group that has independent franchises across the world, including in Ireland. They use violence and intimidation against those who oppose globalist capitalists policies such as open borders and mass migration of cheap labour as well as those who disagree with political correctness and ultra-“progressiveness”.

They have been involved in innumerable acts of political violence in the U.S, UK and EU but a recent attack has garnered more spotlight than usual.

One of the individuals they attacked at the Saturday demo in Portland was an independent conservative journalist and blogger Andy Ngo who is gay and of Vietnamese decent. He was left with multiple contusions and a bleed on the brain from his assault by several masked Antifa thugs.

The group has marketed itself in recent times as a defender of those of ethnic and sexual minorities despite the ironic fact that vast majority of Antifa are themselves white and from the upper, middle class.

Several others were left wounded by the Antifa violence, but being straight, white men this did not receive much media attention as political violence against this particular demographic group is now par for the course in the US.

The thugs even hurled milkshakes that were laced with quick drying cement which can blind over people they disagreed with and random by-standers.

At least nine Antifa thugs were arrested by Portland Police in relation to the violence.

This latest violence has led to more calls for the group to be declared a domestic terrorist organisation in the U.S but most major media outlets continue to downplay, ignore or even justify the actions of the fascist group.

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