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Do White Lives Matter? People are comparing case of Tony Timpa with George Floyd

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In the light of the recent riots and world-wide protests sparked by the death of African American criminal George Floyd after a police officer kneeled on his neck many people are making comparisons to a similar case in the US from 2016 which saw a white man killed.

You have probably never heard of Tony Timpa but in August 2016 he phoned 911 asking for help as he had not taken his schizophrenia medication and was experiencing an episode.

Officers from the Dallas Police Department arrived and detained the distressed and unwell man before placing him in a holding position similar to which George Floyd was held. Unlike Mr Floyd, Mr Timpa did not have a lengthy and violent criminal record.

Body camera footage from the officers showed Mr Timpa begging and pleading with officers who kneeled on his neck and back before finally succumbing and dying under their pressure. Officers can then be heard mocking the innocent man they had just murdered.

So far, Mr Timpa’s family have had to fight an expensive legal battle against the DPD and are still in the process of a wrongful death lawsuit first filed in December 2016.

However, Mr Timpa and his family have received no expressions of public support, no outrage, no protest marches, no moments of silence from parliaments all over the world while the officers who murdered him have faced no reprimand.

This discrepancy between the reaction to the two cases has many people asking Do White Lives Matter?

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