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Enda Kenny: ‘Protesters show scant regard for the safety of women and children’


For a man who, along with his coalition partners, has reneged on most election promises, bowed down to his European overlords, and imposed six years of austerity on the very men, women, and children that he now pretends to show care for, his remarks this morning of protesters displaying ‘scant regard’ for their fellow patriots ring somewhat hollow, if not downright cynical.

He spoke such words on his way to the Cabinet this morning, adding that ‘democracy is for everybody. Maybe you (addressing reporters) should go ask the people who carry on like that.’

The Taoiseach was received by a large crowd of people in Sligo last night. They blocked the road and impeded his access to the Sligo Park hotel, where he was due to attend an event. A large Garda enforcement unit huddled him to safety while struggling to push back the crowd. A woman was reportedly treated for injuries at the scene.

Elsewhere, it has been reported that the security arrangements for senior ministers are to be reviewed, due to the increasing hostility they face. The presence of armed drivers has been suggested.

A new ‘improved’ set of water charges is to be announced in the Dáil tomorrow. According to Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly (who himself was the target of a bomb threat yesterday), it is a ‘very good package’ and will bring ‘reasonable people with us.’

The Government’s grasp on power is becoming increasingly tenuous with every passing day, and their actions more panic-driven.

It is only a matter of time now before a full scale rout among the Coalition ranks breaks the Government apart.

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