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Fallout from Fauci’s emails continues to reverberate, as book sellers cancel orders of new book

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The fallout from the release of Anthony Fauci’s emails continues to reverberate with revelations that the man who directed the US reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic was not entirely open in relation to the effectiveness of masks, potential treatments for the disease the possible man-made origins of the virus.

The director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the president, Dr Fauci is now seeing his upcoming book “Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward” being pulled from stores both online and in real life.

The leaked emails show that despite contradicting then President Trump’s assertions that the Covid-19 virus may have been engineered in a Chinese lab Fauci had been informed by experts that may well be the case and in recent weeks has rolled back on his convictions the virus was natural.

Mask mandates have also been introduced across the world despite experts being rolled out by the corporate media to tell us they were ineffective at the start of the outbreak. Now, not wearing a mask in public is viewed in the same vein blasphemy was in the Middle Ages.

We now know that store bought masks are not effective this truth is bore out in Dr. Fauci’s own emails.

Potential treatments for Covid-19 such as Ivermectin and HCQ, which were also touted by President Trump, we’re ran down by the media in a bid to attack and undermine the President despite the fact it is now documented they are potentially beneficial treatments of the disease.

In his emails Dr. Fauci did forward a document which support the use of HCQ but he did not explicitly endorse it.

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