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Falsely smeared MAGA hat wearing teenager sues Washington Post for $250 million

Image source: Fox

The family of teenager Nicholas Sandmann who was falsely smeared by numerous media outlets after a video him smiling appeared online is suing the Washington Post for $250 million for defamation.

Mr Sandmann was attending the 2019 March for Life in Washington DC with fellow students from Covington Catholic High School of Kentucky. The boys were also wearing pro-Trump MAGA hats.

When the boys were awaiting a bus to pick them up following the march they were taunted with racists and homophobic epithets from an African-American hate group calling themselves the “Hebrew Israelites”.

The racist group called the boys “incest babies” “faggots” “retards” and “future school shooters” and urged them to initiate a confrontation.

They also admonished the boys to “go back to Europe”. The black supremacist group also racially abused Native Americans in the vicinity and other black people who did not subscribe to their hateful rhetoric.

After the boys moved away and sang their school spirt chant to drown out the disgusting racist abuse they were approached by the elderly Native American activist Nathan Philips.

Philips focused in on Sandmann and approached him banging a drum and chanting in his face. The teenager stood in front of Mr Philips and awkwardly smiled before the boys moved off to their bus.

A short-edited video appeared online, and numerous media outlets and celebrities picked up on it and immediately attacked the boys with journalists and celebrities alike calling for the boys and their families to be attacked, tortured and killed.

One Disney producer even called for them to be put into a wood chipper and used a graphic illustration in his tweet.

Most of the threats and calls for violence against these children were made by blue check marked members of Twitter.

Curiously no one was admonished or censored by the social media giant for their hateful comments and calls for violence.
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