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Family dog alerts family to house fire in Co Down.


The family were woken by their dog Bello at one o’ clock this morning. Their home is situated in the Campsie park area of Dundonald, Co Down.

Four people, including a young child and a teenager were trapped on the upper floor of the mid- terrace house as smoke engulfed the building.

Fire brigades were quickly called to the scene and firefighters fought their way through the backdoor into the kitchen.

Paramedics attended to the family when they were brought to safety before they were taken to hospital.

Their dog Bello, responsible for alerting the family to danger was also rescued.

The kitchen of the house was very badly damaged and it has been reported that the house did not have a working
fire alarm.

Michael Harkin, Station Commander stated “You must have a working fire alarm – if you don’t have one go out and buy one today. If anyone has removed a battery from their smoke alarm or removed it, replace it today”

The family are recovering in hospital.

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