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Family left looking for answers after man dies in agony after he is dared to eat a Gecko lizard at a party

A devastated family are searching for answers after their sibling died in excruciating pain after he apparently ate a Gecko on a dare.

According to The Brisbane Times, the family of David Dowell are still searching for answers after he died last December less than two weeks after the alleged incident occurred.

Dowell who died at the city’s Mater Hospital following treatment for a severe case salmonella poisoning is said to have died in agony and rotted from the inside out.

Although Dowell’s family are unable to confirm whether or not he ate the lizard, they revealed that he got gravely ill just two days after the apparent dare occurred.

Speaking to the paper, Dowell’s heartbroken partner of 15 years Allira Bricknell, said that David became so sick that he began to vomit a green bile like substance and was left passing black urine.

Although David was initially admitted with bad stomach cramps, diarrhoea and a high fever, his condition became so bad his stomach swelled up to the size of a woman’s stomach when she is six months pregnant.

Despite initially believing that he was suffering from a bad hangover, Allira said David was taken to hospital where they began treating him for salmonella poisoning after his family thought that he had eaten bad chicken.

However despite the best efforts by doctors David sadly passed away on December 11th just ten days after the party.

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David’s death has now led to his family to question the doctors at the hospital over their decisions in regards to his treatment.

Meanwhile David’s sister Hannah said the family are unsure If David ate the lizard as he never said that he did, whilst they have recieved conflicting reports from those who attended the party since his death.

She added that her brother may have led people to believe that he actually ate the Gecko but in fact he may have just thrown it away.

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