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Fancy a “Happy Meal” at home well it could happen as McDonald’s delivery truck is spotted!


If you happen to be a fan of fast food and McDonalds in particular and would like to have your Happy Meal delivered to you well you could be in luck as the fast food chain has caused a frenzy of rumors across social media when a picture of a McDonald’s delivery truck was posted on Reddit.

The picture of a black LX Colorado with the company’s logo and the slogan “McDelivery… you asked – we deliver.” was posted this morning which caused the social media public to speculate to as might well happen. The picture was apparently taken in Townsville, Queensland in the US just a little over 10,000 miles away. However the move is not a first for the global giant as it is known that McDonald’s outlets in other countries such as Australia and Thailand deliver to peoples homes on a regular basis.

Although the speculated move has been all but quashed in the UK as bosses say that bringing such a service into Britain is complete a waste of time. The announcement came off the back of trial basis which was held a number of years ago which proved to be hugely unsuccessful. Bosses at McDonalds UK say they found the results to be unsuccessful after they asked a third party company to deliver their products, the proposed idea was met a with a rather mute response as the third party company claimed that they couldn’t ‘guarantee’ the quality of the food or customer service.

A spokesperson for McDonalds UK told the Mirror UK: “We have trialled delivery services both at select locations in the UK and in a number of European markets, but it is currently not a priority for the UK.”We are committed to serving our customers hot food, fresh from the kitchen. “If an unauthorised company were to set up a service delivering McDonald’s food, we would not be able to guarantee the quality of the food or that it would be delivered with the high level of customer service we would expect. “In addition, operating a delivery service which advertises our menu and products using McDonald’s intellectual property without a licence from McDonald’s would constitute trade mark infringement.”

It is not yet known if bosses at the company’s headquarters here have given any consideration to the proposed idea. Although it is possible to get your meal delivered to your front door if you decide to use a local taxi service which comes at a significant price.

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