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Fears grow as reforms could lead to sexual education being taught in creches

Parents and educational professionals have expressed concerns that proposed new changes to sexual education in schools could be extended to creches.

According to Donegal Daily, who cites The Tirconaill Tribune, parents and one local councillor have expressed concerns that educational reforms surrounding the teaching of sexual safety and consent could be extended to pre schools.

The fears come after a draft review by Ireland’s National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) took place over the summer.

It is understood the review which sought input from students, parents, teachers, and other educational professionals is now open to the public who can submit their views via an online survey.

However following the publication of a preliminary report, parents have expressed views at the age such subjects will be introduced to children.

The report has also led to Cllr Michael McBride to express his concerns, by stating that their is no great oversight for online submissions.

Donegal Daily reports that Cllr McBride fears that children at creches could be included under the new regulations which he deems unacceptable.

The Donegal Councillor also called on the Department of Education to provide a clear clarification of the issue.

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